Documentation needs to change

The world of software has advanced. You don’t write software that looks like it belongs in your BIOS setup; you don’t sell programs that dump a database table to the screen. Software today is sleek, melding seamlessly into people’s lives, and its documentation needs to match.

Documentation used to exist just to reduce your support costs: you wrote some guides and hoped your customers would find and use them instead of your support line. But customers use documentation for more than just support, now. Many are using it to determine if they want to buy your product at all.

Old-style documentation squanders not one, but three of your best sales opportunities.

Our documentation helps you acquire new customers, keep their business in your company and inspires them to bring you business from their friends and colleagues—while still reducing your support costs.


Customers skim your documentation for an idea of what your product can do. When you showcase how your product solves their key pain points, taking them step-by-step through the transformation, they’re not only confident that your can help them, they’re confident they can implement the solution. This puts you head and shoulders above your competition, who’re still struggling to demonstrate their key features.


Product development isn’t just about new features: good documentation helps a customer grow their understanding of your product and find more ways to use it to solve new or existing problems. A well-educated customer is more invested in your product, more satisfied with its use, and far more likely to recommend it to their friends and colleagues, bringing you zero-effort sales.


Would you make a sales-pitch in a monotone? Your software interface and documentation is where your customer builds their strongest impression of your business. Expressing a consistent personality helps them feel they’re dealing with people, not robots, building brand loyalty. Your customers can be your most powerful evangelists with the right guidance.

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